Take a look at all the neuroscience related activities going on at UCLA. I am heavily involved in the outreach components, but I invite you to take a look at the research going on. I am pretty certain you will find things that will fascinate you.



A great place to learn about all things biology. In particular students are invited to browse and find a research seminar of interest under the iBioseminars tab and learn what the world's experts are discovering. Likewise, the iBioeducation tab will serve as a useful resource if you want to brush up on basic biological concepts or if you are wondering how discoveries get made or even how scientists make a living. You won't get bored here- take a look!


The Allied Genetics Conference 2016, Recorded Research Seminars

Any student (but particularly my BR 5HA students) should take a look at the seminars that were recorded at the 2016 Allied Genetics conference sponsored by the Genetics Society of America (GSA). This is a great place to find bona fide research seminars delivered by the actual scientists who designed and conducted the experiments.