The Disillusionment of an American Physician



Sandeep Jauhar


Farrar, Straus and Giroux, first edition, 2014


ISBN: 978-0-374-14139-4

Eloquently written and easy to read, this partial biography recounts the story of the author as he transitions from medical training to full-fledged medical practice. Along the way he discovers the harsh reality that is real medicine, as opposed to the idealized view that he had while in medical school. This book details his struggles to find professional, personal, ethical and financial balance in the fast paced (and often cruel) world of medicine. For this reason I highly recommend this book to any premedical student, as it will give an honest account of the day-to-day struggles a physician has to deal with. Although anecdotal, there are many kernels of truth in this book that students should be aware of before applying to medical school. In particular, the last chapter offers valuable insights into the medical profession that are worth mulling over. Overwhelmingly cautionary, this account shows the “dark side” of medical practice and serves as a necessary counterpoint to the idealized view of medicine that young premedical students already have before they come into my classroom.