A Hole in the Head

More Tales in the History of Neuroscience



Charles G. Gross


The MIT Press, first MIT paperback edition, 2012


ISBN: 978-0-262-51733-1

Although history quickly becomes dry and unpalatable when presented wrong, readers should not fret about this book. Marvelously written and simple to follow, the author decided to choose a few select moments in the history of neuroscience and treats them as case studies in the progression of science. Filled with diagrams, pictures and drawings, we easily get immersed in the stories, only to surface some time later wiser and filled with a sense of wonderment. We are taken in an engrossing ride that illuminates for us the often tortuous route that the scientific endeavor can take. In particular, neuroscience students should be able to glimpse how the knowledge that they are acquiring in college has evolved, and will definitely help put it in perspective. Not intended to be a comprehensive historical compendium, this book will still motivate you to want to learn more.