One thing that I do to keep myself updated in different scientific fields is to read popular science books on a large range of topics. I have been doing this since 1998 and I have always been very selective about the books that I choose to read as there is a lot of garbage out there. I generally only buy books from authors that I know personally, that I have seen at scientific meetings, who are so well established in their field that any scientists knows who they are or who otherwise have valid credentials. In essence, I only read books written by people that I trust to know what they are saying. I have so far amassed and read over 125 books (yes, all physical books, no e-books!) and continue to buy new ones every year. Since I often find myself talking about some of these books in my classes I decided to start a formal book review where any student can come to read my personal review. My logic here is that if a student wishes to learn more about a particular topic, the reviews here might help them identify a book that they might want to read.


This will be the part of my website that I will update most often as I will review new books periodically. Please note that although I have already read a fair number of books, the number of reviews will be quite limited as I will initially post reviews from books that I have read recently. As time goes on I will re-read many of my other books and start posting those reviews as well. In any case, I will soon be posting a complete list of my personal library so you can take a look at what I like to read.


Some people really care about this so I will also add a small disclaimer here. All my students should know that these reviews are my personal views of each book and that my endorsement (or lack thereof) is simply that: my personal, but professional opinion. Your decision to purchase any of these books does not benefit me in any way. I do not work for any of these authors or publishers and certainly don't receive any type of commission from them.